Industrial Pump Equipment

Flo-Line Technology has been a leader in industrial and municipal pumping solutions for over 25 years. As a full supplier of industrial pumps, we can find the solution to meet your applications and industry requirements. Request a quote to meet your application or contact Flo-Line Technology for more information.

Centrifugal Pumps

Flo-Line Technology has a full line of industrial and municipal pumps to fit your specific industry needs, including leading brands such as Sulzer PPS, Kontro, Ansimag and more.             

Positive Displacement Pumps

We offer an extensive range of positive displacement pumps designed to meet the solid content or toxicity of most fluid types. Learn more about our air operated diaphragm pumps, progressive cavity pumps, gear pumps, or search pumps by application.   

Metering Pumps

Deliver fluids at a precise volume and ensure accurate flow with our full line of Pulsafeeder metering pumps.                  

Mag Drive Sealless Pumps

Flo-Line offers several Mag Drive Sealless Pumps for multiple industries including oil, mining, biofuels, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals and more.            

Food & Pharmaceutical Grade Pumps

 We provide sealless and sealed food and pharmaceutical grade pumps in addition to sanitary valves and fittings.              

Typical Industrial Applications

Flo-Line is proud to offer pumping solutions for a variety of industries and applications including oil, refineries, heat transfer, equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals & more.

Mechanical Seals

We can meet your specific sealing requirements with Eagle Burgmann’s comprehensive selection of optimal, reliable fluid and media-resistant sealing solutions.