Food & Pharmaceutical Grade Pumps

Sanitary pumps and pump systems are known for safely and effectively transferring loose solids and high to low-viscosity fluids under sanitary, sterile conditions. Flo-Line Technology is an industry-leading supplier of contamination-proof, sanitary food and pharmaceutical grade pumps. We stock the latest in hygienic, FDA-approved sanitary pumps designed for gentle product handling and continuous, pressure-stable pumping.

Food And Pharmaceutical Grade Pump Top Models

Flo-Line Technology is proud to partner with the leading food and pharmaceutical grade pump manufacturers, including Netzsch, Waukesha and more. Browse our popular food and pharmaceutical grade pumps below or contact a representative for assistance in determining which pump is best suited to handle your needs.

Netzsch SanitaryNetzsch Sanitary PC Pump

  • Flow: up to 880 GPM, 360 psi
  • Food quality mechanical seal, elastomers in food grade pumps standards according to BfR, FDA, and PL
  • Applications: shear-sensitive, smearing and non-smearing, with or without solids, abrasive, adhesive

WaukeshaWaukesha Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

  • C-series sanitary centrifugal flow: up to 900 GPM, temperature up to 212 F
  • Rotary lobe pumps, flow: up to 660 GPM, temperature up to 300 F
  • 316 SS construction, sanitary valves and fittings

Food And Pharmaceutical Grade Pump Benefits

Flo-Line Technology’s extensive line of food and pharmaceutical grade pumps offer a variety of unique benefits to meet the needs of even the most demanding fluid handling requirements. Some notable features include but are not limited to:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sealless designs
  • FDA-, BfR & PL-Approved
  • Self-priming capabilities
  • Sanitary valves and fittings

Food And Pharmaceutical Grade Pump Applications

Hygienic food and pharmaceutical grade pumps allow you to transfer fluid without risking contamination through contact outside of the pumping system or exposure to non-sanitary pump components. These FDA-approved pumps have sanitary seals, pipes and additional components. Their stainless-steel composition makes food and pharmaceutical grade pumps ideal for not only the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries but cosmetics, farming (dairy), critical media and more.

In addition to our food and Pharmaceutical grade pumps, Flo-Line is stocked on Mag Drive Sealless PumpsMetering Pumps and more. Browse our pumps online for solutions to all your pumping needs.

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