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Central Valley Facilities ExpoFlo-Line Technology, Inc. is a pump distribution company in northern California, specializing in sealless non-metallic pump technologies for industrial and municipal markets. Since 1974, Flo-Line has combined new technologies and extensive pump and process knowledge to provide unique comprehensive solutions for demanding fluid handling needs throughout Northern California and Nevada.

Experts In Pumping Technologies

Flo-Line engineers have extensive industry experience and deep product/application knowledge to handle your toughest challenges and offer the best solutions for your specific needs. With over 40 years in the pump business and a comprehensive product portfolio, we are well positioned to add value to your business.

Pumping Solutions For Your Industry

We offer unique ability to work with customers, maintenance & operation staff, process engineers, consulting engineers and corporate engineers to analyze complex pump issues and develop solutions to long standing and costly operational problems. This typically results in increasing plant output, reliability and production in addition to lowering the operating cost.

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Flo-Line provides unmatched personalized support for plant audits, application engineering, pump selection, customer support, pump system troubleshooting, start-up and commissioning assistance. We have all critical pump and parts in stock.
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