Food & Pharmaceutical Grade Pumps


Blackmer- Series C Pharmaceutical & Food Grade Pumps Netzsch Sanitary Waukesha
  • Sealless (no mechanical seal, magnets, rubber, or PTFE diaphragms), Clean-In-Place without disassembly
  • Self-priming and draining, self-adjusting
  • Soap and Detergent: amines, enzymes, concentrated dyes and perfumes, glycerin, and more
  • Flow: 600 GPM, 630 psi, Clean-In-Place
  • Food quality mechanical seal, elastomers in food grade pumps standards according to BfR, FDA, and PL
  • Applications: shear-sensitive, smearing and non-smearing, with or without solids, abrasive, adhesive
  • C-series sanitary centrifugal & rotary lube pumps, flow: 780 GPM, temperature up to 212 F
  • 316 SS construction, sanitary valves and fittings


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